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The Smart™ FUT and Smart™ FUE is an invention of formulations and techniques by our founding CEO Dato’ Dr.JasG and it has been legally patented as our intellectual property hence the reason why it’s only available with us at Hair Transplant Malaysia.

The FUT or popularly known as the “strip method” is a process that involves removing a piece of scalp which contains the hair follicles. This is taken at the back portion of the head since the hairs in this area are usually the ones resistant to hormonal changes.

This piece of scalp will then be taken by hair technicians into a working area where hair grafts are individually removed using a high-powered microscope. Meanwhile, the hair surgeon sutures the back of the scalp and prepares the recipient site by creating micro slits, where each hair graft will then be implanted. This is part of a very crucial process due to the fact that the surgeon has to manage the space of these sites in a way that would look most natural once the hair starts growing.

Benefits of FUT Hair Transplant Technique


  1. The process of removal of the hair grafts creates less transection rate, or damage to neighbouring hair grafts. This means there is better follicular units extracted.
  2. In this treatment, micro grafts grow quicker.
  3. The surgeon can maximize the number of hair grafts that can be harvested during one session. In some patients, especially those who are undergoing this procedure for the first time may only require one session with this approach.
  4. This prevents post-operative redness and issues.
  5. This gives aesthetically pleasing results.

FUT Vs. FUE Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a newer technique that answers to the aesthetic concerns that FUT had. FUE uses a punch-like device that creates a smooth circular incision around the individual grafts. Without having to surgically extract a strip of scalp, these donor grafts are removed directly from your head leaving a very fine scar that can be virtually invisible once it completely heals.

FUE   (Follicular Unit Extraction)

FUE means the donor hair is removed one group of follicles at a time with no scalpel no stitches and no line of scarring. There is very little if not no pain at all during and after the procedure. The FUE leaves only tiny white dots that are hard to see in the donor area so your hair can be cut short down to No. 1 or 2 with no visible scars.   For smaller cases Non-Shaven FUE hair transplant is possible meaning we don’t even need to clip all of the donor area just small sections that hide under your hair.  

The FUE is done for those who generally need less than 4000 grafts in a lifetime and people wanting to wear their hair very short. The transplant device that we firmly believe in belong to Cole Instruments as part of our techniques. “All of our hair transplants are hand-made for you.”  

Deciding between FUE and FUT is quite easy at the consultation. Sadly there are some centres that only do FUE so that is all they offer you and this is also mainly due to the fact that they have not been in the market long enough to understand nor appreciate an FUT and yes, they lack the knowledge and practice of performing a successful FUT. It’s also a clear reflection that they honestly haven’t been around for as long as they claim to be.

In reality, FUE is not the right procedure for about 30% of people so they end up getting the wrong procedure done at inexperienced centres. This means that extensive damage can happen and the damage is permanent. Here at Hair Transplant Malaysia, we are fully confident in carrying out The Smart™ FUT and Smart™ FUE procedures. Our customers are our living testimonies and we have been in the industry for more than 20 years and indeed we are growing strong. We take our passion and reputation very seriously.


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