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 About Male Pattern Baldness

Male Pattern Baldness has become a most common form of hair loss. This condition usually begins with a receding frontal hairline at both the corners of the upper forehead where it takes on a pattern of a U-shaped or M-shaped pattern. It can also begin from the vertex of the scalp. This condition is also called Androgenetic Alopecia.

Given more than two decades of our experience, we have observed male pattern hair loss in adult men. It can begin in teenage years as well where it becomes more significant with the increase in age. It is categorized into 7 stages.

  1. The hair loss is somewhat unnoticeable.
  2. Frontal hairline begins to decline in the second stage along with hair loss from the central position of the scalp.
  3. During the third stage, the hairline decreases significantly along with thinning of hair on the crown.
  4. The hair thinning and baldness is noticeable in the fourth stage, particularly at the back of the head. A bridge of fairly dense hair that differentiate the hair loss in the frontal area and the crown region is quite apparent.
  5. In the fifth stage, the bridge becomes drastically thinner.
  6. In the sixth stage, this bridge seems to have vanished and the hair loss extends to the sides of the head.
  7. Seventh stage is the most critical stage where the top of the scalp has gone completely bald.


Family genetics play a vital role. If anyone from either side of your family is suffering from male pattern baldness, you are most likely to suffer from the same type of baldness.


Male hormones called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is also found to be among the prime culprits behind this type of hair loss. DHT is a chemical derivative of testosterone which drastically reducese the ability of follicles to produce hair growth by blocking the nutrient supply to the hair follicles. This causes hair loss and significantly slows down the growth rate of hair. Usually people are quite unaffected by DHT in the scalp. But in case of people having a genetic tendency to hair loss, the hair follicles are specifically affected by the effects of DHT.



Not to be taken negatively but with age comes some issues that can be managed such as a number of hormonal changes that occur in the body. This can significantly reduce the production of hair hence causing worrying hair loss. Apart from these factors, stress, certain medications and malnutrition can significantly contribute to hair loss.

Remedy for Male Pattern Baldness

Here at Hair Transplant Malaysia, we have the right remedies for you based on our experience of more than two decades. Once an hair analysis is performed by Dato’ Dr.JasG, he will evaluate your hair loss issues and then consider the best option for you.

  1. Medications: This may be the conventional solution to begin with in some cases.
  2. Hair Restoration:  We at Hair Transplant Malaysia provide hair transplant restorations using either The SMART ™FUT or SMART™ FUE technique which is legally patented and invented by our founding CEO, Dato’ Dr.JasG.
  3. Scalp Micropigmentation: For those who are not comfortable with a hair transplant, they can go for Scalp Micropigmentation. In this method, natural pigments are placed inside the epidermal of your scalp so as to give the look and feel of a shaved head. It’s most suitable for Men or women with minimal hair loss.

About Female Pattern Baldness? 

Female pattern baldness is getting rather common these days unlike before. Almost every woman suffers from some degree of female pattern baldness which can begin anytime with the arrival of puberty. However, women tend to notice it more significantly during menopause, this is when hair loss seems to get very worrying.

In Female pattern baldness, women experience diffuse thinning of hair primarily on the crown along with widening through the middle hair partition. However, the front hairline remains unaffected, apart from the normal recession, which happens to everyone with age, The thinning of hair, if not treated at the right time, spreads to the side areas of the scalp in the temples and above the ears. However, this form of hair loss rarely develops to partial or complete baldness in women. This condition is also termed as Androgenetic Alopecia.

Female pattern hair loss is different from male pattern hair loss. It has only 3 stages.

  1. The first stage involves uniformed thinning of hair, which becomes unnoticeable.
  2. During the second stage, nearly 50-70% of your hair would have undergone thinning and the scalp is easily noticeable from a distance.
  3. The hair loss is severe and the baldness is more noticeable in the third stage.

Treatment for Female Pattern Baldness


  1. In some cases, taking a nutritional diet and treating the hormonal imbalance can help in preventing excessive hair fall. Some of the effective treatments for hair loss as below:
  • Medication: This will be the conventional approach.
  • PRP Therapy: In this procedure, a little blood is taken from your body and centrifuged to increase the growth factors. Then, it is injected into the scalp area experiencing hair loss.
  • Hair Transplantation: In this procedure, the hair are moved from a donor area to the scalp area experiencing thinning or baldness. We are known for providing excellent hair transplants using our very own Smart™ FUT & Smart™ FUE that are combined with our very own formulations and a host of techniques.
  • Scalp Micropigmentation: In case you are not suitable for any hair restoration method, you can go for Scalp Micropigmentation. In this method, natural pigments are placed inside the epidermal of your scalp to cover the bald areas whilst producing a naturally short hair style like those carried by Military men.

We, at Hair Transplant Malaysia, strive to deliver superior results on par with world class expectations.


Our founding CEO, Dato’ Dr.JasG is the inventor of SMART™ which is a combination of techniques and formulations which has been legally patented and ONLY available at Hair Transplant Malaysia! This is the product from his rich experience, knowledge and talent for more than 20 years in the industry of Hair Restoration and Aesthetic Medicine.

Malaysia’s 1st ABHRS Hair Restoration Diplomate (ABHRS)

Our Founding CEO, Dato’ Dr.JasG is a qualified and registered Medical Doctor, Licensed Aesthetic Medicine Practitioner (LCP) from The Ministry of Health Malaysia. Dato’ Dr.JasG is Malaysia’s 1stABHRS Hair Restoration Diplomate from The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS). The ABHRS is the world’s highest governing body for Hair Restoration Doctors. Dato’ Dr.JasG holds more than 20 years of rich experience in his field of expertise as a Medical Doctor practising in Aesthetic Medicine, Aesthetic Procedures & Treatments & Hair Restoration.

Dato’ Dr.JasG holds his prestigious Fellowship in Dermatological Laser Surgery from Mahidol University which was a study that he underwent at The Faculty of Medicine at Ramathibodi Hospital, Bangkok. He is also a Diplomate in Aesthetic Medicine from The American Board of Aesthetic Medicine (ABAM).

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