Is Maintenance required after a Hair Transplant Procedure?

Truth be told, a 100% natural hair transplant requires maintenance, meaning strict intake of daily hair medications for a year or more as prescribed by the hair doctor. Should you experience any side effects or allergic reactions, which are rare, we have the alternatives in the form of a hair spray. We encourage a PRP Package / Platelet Rich Plasma of one session every 3 months. When it comes to Hair Transplants, Hair Regrowth Treatments and Aesthetics, maintenance is required as we all age and we all undergo the harsh changes of weather and lifestyle. Our daily intake of nutritions too can take a severe beating due to our hectic daily lives and a miserable lack of time.

Most People place priority on price & this is where things go very wrong!

Yes, meaning that the search for the lowest price is never a wise idea. This is not about the purchase of raw food and households. It is about one’s health, image and having the procedure properly done and successful in one sitting. Priority should be placed on the Medical Doctor’s credentials and rich experience and not falling victim to knocked down prices by unscrupulous sources as the black market of hair transplant is thriving worldwide. There is always a reason why prices are given at very low rates. This is not a business competition but about Medical safety, well-being and successful results.

At Hair Transplant Malaysia, it’s a documented fact that we are Malaysia’s 1st  ABHRS Hair Transplant Centre for an FUE and FUT Hair Transplant and our founder, Dato’ Dr.JasG is Malaysia’s 1st and ONLY Fellow in Hair Transplant Surgery from The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) which carries the prestigious abbreviation of FISHRS. 

Number of Grafts should not exceed 4,000 Grafts In One Sitting!

We have seen time and time again; the deplorable results of failed hair transplants and we take the trouble and patience to meticulously repair the severe issues. This is just not worth it for the patient when he or she should have just had one procedure and obtained successful results in one sitting. Always be fully aware that when it comes to Hair Transplants, Aesthetic Medicine and Plastic Surgery, it never comes cheap and falling for cheap prices is indeed a lack of wisdom and being highly reckless moreover when these cheap alternatives do not journey with you until successful results are achieved. To them it’s about mass production and send you off in the next flight! If you have a budget issue, please halt your desires for a hair transplant procedure and pursue it when you’re financially sound.

SMART™️ FUE Hair Transplant

SMART™️ is a combination of formulas and techniques derived from over 20 years of full-time focus on The Science and Research of Hair Transplant Surgeries. SMART™️ is legally patented and is our assurance of quality and successful results.

Why is the donor area located behind the head?

The donor area located behind the head are the healthiest and in most cases never experience hair loss. Hormonal change usually does not affect the donor area hence it’s location is perfect as a donor area for permanent results.

Would a design be drawn?

Yes, the doctor will work with your desired design and also your facial features. 

How long does a FUE Hair Transplant Procedure take?

It can take the entire day as the process is highly meticulous and demands time and much patience.

Are results guaranteed?

Absolutely yes! Taking into account that the patient strictly follows medication protocols and attends all close follow-up appointments.

Is there pain during the Hair Transplant Procedure?

Pain is very well managed with the administration of Local Anaesthesia. The doctor will keep you very comfortable during the procedure.

Will I be knocked off during the procedure?

Absolutely not and the doctor would be in conversation with you during the procedure. Local Anaesthesia is only localized to the region of surgery and not meant to knock you off to sleep.

What would be the downtime after the surgery?

In terms of recovery of the region, it would take 7 to 10 days. However, your daily routine will not be affected.

How long would results take to show?

Results will begin to show after the 4th month. 80% of the results would show after 9 months and 100% results would show on the 12th or 14th month.

Our Commitment & Journey with You

We take up this commitment and journey with you from Pre-Procedure to the Procedure, Post Procedure and until full results are achieved. We ensure satisfactory results!


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