Hair Transplant Procedures

How many Hair Transplant Procedures can one do?

Truth be told that the answer lies in your donor area which is located behind your head. If you choose to get cheaper Hair Transplants done such as in Turkey, Iran, India and other cheaper Hair Clinics, they do not hold the expertise in maintaining a healthy donor area. Do you these cheap procedures, over harvesting of the donor area happens by inexperienced doctors and in many cases, these cheap procedures are done by Junior Doctors or nurses. This is the truth of the matter, when over harvesting happens, you “may” be successful for one hair transplant procedure but the donor area is damaged for a life time whereby you will never have the luxury of having the 2nd or 3rd hair transplant procedure. In many cases, the donor area is severely damaged that the hair and follicle quality is miserably poor at the donor area. Such frustration should never happen and we strongly advice that those seeking a Hair Transplant to take a look at the bigger picture of aesthetics, health and image before falling for cheap bargains.

Why do people opt for a second and third hair transplant?

To begin with, one scalp is blessed with 100,000 follicles. In one Hair Transplant procedure, one is permitted a maximum of 4,000 grafts in one sitting which is sufficient for full coverage of hair loss issues. However, many looks at an aesthetic point of view whereby they wish to have much higher density and a higher pompadour hair style. This would require a second Hair Transplant procedure and yes some may go for a third hair transplant procedure. This is very much based on one’s heart desire. Yes, there are cases where some have gone for the 5th Hair Transplant Procedure. In order for one to enjoy this luxury of having options to do many hair transplant procedures, it is pertinent that one maintains a health donor area meaning a combination of Hair Medications as prescribed by the Hair Doctor and a donor area which is not over harvested during one sitting. Abiding by the medication protocol given by the Hair Doctor is pertinent and must be followed religiously.

The pertinent need for maintaining a healthy donor area plays a major role in having successful hair transplants done especially when one desires to have a few procedures. A healthy donor area would ensure greatest success in the hair transplant procedures because cases of overharvesting can bring about aesthetically unpleasant conditions such as patches of bald spots at the donor area and a “moth eaten look” of the donor site. It would look terribly unpleasing to the eyes and this commonly happens when one chooses to go with cheap hair transplant procedures. Truth of the matter is, consider Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery only when you have solid cold hard cash, do not opt for cheap procedures because it can result in nasty and permanent damage, scarring and deformity.

Always Plan on your desired multiple sessions for higher density and volume

The desire for having multiple hair transplant procedures must be thoroughly planned whilst considering the state of affairs of your donor area. Always remember that the maximum extraction of grafts in one sitting is 4,000 and nothing more. Anything more must be done in the second or third Hair Transplant Procedure with at least a 6 months interval taking into consideration on human fatigue which can happen to both the hair doctor and to the patient. Be aware that this procedure is dealing with humans on both sides, it’s not an automated robotic procedure and every patient differs in their energy levels and state of health.

How long does the donor area take to heal?

It takes three weeks to heal and we must reiterate here that there must be a 6 months interval between the previous hair transplant procedure with the next hair transplant procedure and remember, nothing more than 4,000 grafts in one sitting! Never forget that the donor area needs time to heal and repair on it’s own with a combination of medication and proper care. At Hair Transplant Malaysia, we take it upon ourselves in ensuring successful hair transplant results whilst maintaining a healthy donor area for future hair transplant procedures. Such passion, dedication and conscience never comes from cheap hair transplant clinics mainly because they are not bothered about seeing you again but here at Hair Transplant Malaysia, we build a strong rapport and trust as we follow-up with you for one year after every hair transplant procedure and we do not charge you for this one year of follow-up consultations. We wish to journey with you until successful results are achieved  Should you desire another Hair Transplant procedure, we will be with you all the way hence we are very highly meticulous and passionate about our responsibility, transparency and utmost dedication.

The Masters of Hair Transplants

These doctors are based in Hair Transplant Malaysia. Dato’ Dr.JasG is Malaysia’s 1st  ABHRS Hair Transplant Physician from The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS). The ABHRS is world’s highest governing body for hair transplant doctors. He is a qualified and registered Medical Doctor and holds his license in Aesthetic Medicine from The Ministry of Health Malaysia as well as a Diplomate in Aesthetic Medicine from The American Board of Aesthetic Medicine (ABAM). Dato holds more than 20 years of rich experience as a Hair Physician and Aesthetic Doctor. There are very few Hair Restoration Diplomates in the world from The ABHRS, on an average, there are two Hair Restoration Diplomates from The ABHRS in every country and we reiterate that Dato’ Dr.JasG is Malaysia’s 1st  ABHRS Hair Restoration Diplomate from The ABHRS, this qualification is almost impossible to achieve hence the very small number of graduates around the world.

Dr.Mohd Ali is Malaysia’s ONLY Fully Qualified Craniofacial Surgeon with over 15 years of experience as well as one of Malaysia’s Top Leading Plastic Surgeons. He is highly renown and respected for his meticulous work and dedication. He sits as examiner with The Ministry of Health for doctors who are sitting for their specialization exams and he remains the top choice as a consultant for emergency cases and highly complex cases. He performs corrective and cosmetic surgeries from head to toe and he ensures only the best results.

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