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%Professional Hair Loss Treatment In Malaysia %Hair Transplant Malaysia
%Professional Hair Loss Treatment In Malaysia %Hair Transplant Malaysia

Hair Transplant Surgery

A hair transplant surgery that is used to repair bad or deterred results of previously performed procedures is referred as Corrective or Repairing hair transplant procedure. This is usually done on patients who are dissatisfied with their results usually because having had poorly performed hair restoration procedures or out-dated hair restoration procedures done in the past such as mini-grafting; strip harvesting; or scalp reduction surgery and getting unnatural results, hair plugs, or scars. Other reasons might be of a poorly performed procedure or inappropriate candidates. All these problems can be fixed under a corrective procedure with intelligently planned procedures and technology.

A corrective procedure is done by ideally removing the larger grafts with FUE technique and re-dissecting them according to the hair follicular units that can be retrieved and replanted to the area in a more natural looking pattern, if there is transection of hair grafts in the process.


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