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Joseph, Malaysia​@GlojasSmart
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I want to look better because I haven’t started my career yet and I’m already balding. So I’ve done research and consulted a few doctors. I chose Dato’ Dr. JasG because he is a certifies ABHRS doctor. He is a hair doctor with a standard. I see good reviews as well. The price is reasonable and affordable.
Jason – Malaysia​@GlojasSmart
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was recommend here by a close friend and decided to get in touch with more information including a quotation. Staff very quick to respond although I was not in the country. After doing some research and comparison, I decided to take my hair transplant procedure to Dato’ Dr. Jas as he offered very competitive price and I saw good results from my friend that he had his beard transplant here.
Syed, Malaysia​@GlojasSmart
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I had my first hair restoration done somewhere else and it was a failure. After 3 to 4 years, I search for another option and found Glojas. I wanted to be consulted by Dato’ Dr. Jas. All I can say is he is very professional and had good planning on my procedure. It was so great that I decided to proceed. The procedure was way better than my first procedure. It was calming and I was comfortable. It has been months now and I am definitely seeing good result and I know the result is still progressing. I am satisfied! Thank you, Dato’ Dr. JasG.

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