Thinking about a Beard Transplant?

Many men desire having facial hair and it’s becoming increasingly popular. Many haven’t experienced hair growth on the face region and it could be largely due to genetics. Regardless the reasons, permanent facial hair growth is highly achievable through a FUE Beard Transplant which involves the extraction of follicles from the donor area behind the head and then implanted into the areas of hair loss or no hair growth at all. This means you can obtain a full beard growth even if you never had hair growth in that region.

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SMART™️ FUE Beard Transplant

SMART™️ is a combination of formulas and techniques derived from over 20 years of full time focus on The Science and Research of Hair Transplant Surgeries. SMART™️ is legally patented and is our assurance of quality and successful results.

Why is the donor area located behind the head?

The donor area located behind the head are the healthiest and in most cases never experience hair loss. Hormonal change usually does not affect the donor area hence it’s location is perfect as a donor area for permanent results.

Would a design be drawn?

Yes, when it comes to Beard Transplant, it’s not about the grafts but about the design and the design varies from every individual’s suitability and desires. Yes, hair transplant on the facial region is much more complex than a hair transplant on the head region.

How long does a Beard Transplant Procedure take?

The duration of the procedure is depeding on the coverage area and design. It can be between 5 to 10 hours generally.

Are results guaranteed?

Absolutely yes! Taking into account that the patient strictly follows medication protocols and attends all close follow-up appointments.

Is there pain during the Beard Transplant Procedure?

Pain is very well managed with the administration of Local Anaesthesia. The doctor will keep you very comfortable during the procedure.

Will I be knocked off during the procedure?

Absolutely not and the doctor would be in conversation with you during the procedure. Local Anaesthesia is only localized to the region of surgery and not meant to knock you off to sleep.

What would be the downtime after the surgery?

In terms of recovery of the region, it would take 7 to 10 days. However, your daily routine will not be affected.

How long would results take to show?

Results will begin to show after the 4th months. 80% of the results would show after 9 months and 100% results would show on the 12th or 14th month.

Our Commitment & Journey with You

We take up this commitment and journey with you from Pre Procedure to the Procedure, Post Procedure and until full results are achieved.



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