Beard And Body Hair Transplants with guaranteed results!

Beard Transplants are unique on it’s own and demands are high experience and meticulous hair doctor to perform the procedure. All Hair Transplants at Hair Transplant Malaysia is strictly done by our very own Dato’ Dr.JasG who is Malaysia’s first  ABHRS Hair Transplant Physician from The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) and Dr.Mohd Ali who is one of Malaysia’s top leading Plastic Surgeons and Craniofacial Surgeon. We are a Medical establishment of more than 20 years in practice.

Similarly, all body hair transplants are done by both our doctors in the same meticulous way that produce only natural results. Here at Hair Transplant Malaysia, we perform our very own legally patented SMART™️ FUE Facial and Body Hair Transplants which was derived from more than 20 years of on-going research, experience, knowledge and talent. We use a combination of formulas and techniques in achieving successful results whilst all our Hair Transplant equipment come from the United States, Germany and Italy. We do not use generics either are there any foreign elements introduced into the transplantation. All transplantations strictly use your own God-given follicles.

The SMART™️ FUE Facial & Body Hair Transplants

Many men desire Beard and Facial Hair Transplants as these men genetically have very fine, lesser hair or no facial hair at all. Regardless of the type of issues, here at Hair Transplant Malaysia, we can solve these issues resulting in thicker and denser Beard and Facial Hair Growth. The procedure done is a SMART™️ FUE Beard Transplant procedure. This can include a goatee, sideburns and moustache if desired. Results from this procedure are not only guaranteed but permanent and we will journey with you until successful results are achieved! This is our commitment to all our patients as we are driven by the passion for successful results.

Many still do not have an idea on how hair transplants work. Hair Transplants use your own God-given follicles from your donor area which is behind your own head. Follicles cannot be donated from person to person. Platelet Rich Plasma injections strictly require your own blood where by Plasma is extracted from your own blood and again it cannot be donated from person to person. No foreign introductions are brought into this procedure, it strictly involves your own follicles and your own blood hence it’s only logical to say that there are no risks as your own follicles and blood are compatible with your own body. Period.

Do Beard & Body Hair Transplants leave scars?

Absolutely, No! With today’s technology of a SMART™️ FUE Beard & Body Hair Transplant, yes it is worth it moreover atHair Transplant Malaysia we are the inventors of SMART™️ FUE and SMART™️ FUT Hair Transplants as well as SMART™️ PRP and SMART™️ SMP. SMART is legally patented and has been derived from more than 20 years of hard work, research and labour where it involves a combination of techniques and formulations that produce results on par with world-class expectations and supersedes the results of many Hair Transplant Clinics. Do take note that facts and results cannot be manipulated, we are Malaysia’s 1st ABHRS Hair Transplant Specialist Centre with over 20 years of rich experience under Malaysia’s 1st  ABHRS Hair Transplant Physician, Dato’ Dr.JasG who is a Graduate Diplomate of The ABHRS. He is Malaysia’s 1st Hair Transplant Doctor and there were no other Doctors before him who practised as a Hair Transplant Doctors. This is a documented fact.

How does a Beard & Body Hair Transplant work?

Follicles are taken from the donor area and implanted on areas of hair loss. In most cases the donor area is healthy. The entire head is shaven whereby the follicles are then implanted from the donor area to the surrounding areas of the head. In cases where the donor area isn’t healthy, the patient will be placed on a medication protocol for 3 to 6 months to nourish and grow the donor area and follicles before a Hair Transplant can be done. Hair Transplant Malaysia performs all Hair Transplant Procedures as below;

✅ Hair Transplants

✅ Facial Hair Transplants

✅ Beard Transplants

✅ Moustache Transplants

✅ Goatee Transplants

✅ Side Burns Transplants

✅ Eyebrow Transplants.

✅ Chest Hair Transplants

Are Beard & Body Hair Transplant procedures affordable?

The price of a Beard & Body Hair Transplants will vary depending on the number of Grafts.

What is an SMART™️ FUE Beard & Body Hair Transplant?

A SMART™️ FUE Hair Transplant (follicular unit extraction), or sometimes referred to as follicular unit transplantation) is a type of hair transplant surgery that involves extracting individual hair follicles from a donor part of the body, usually the sides and back of the head. These individual follicles are then implanted in the areas that are affected. Typically with men suffering from male pattern baldness or fine facial hair to having no facial hair at all.

How long do Beard & Body Hair Transplant results last?

Once you have undergone a SMART™️ FUE Beard & Body Hair Transplant, the results are Permanent. Whilst the initial transplanted hair will shed a few weeks after treatment, it will grow back strong and healthy.

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