Are Hair Transplants Natural?

Many are often confused about whether Hair Transplants are natural. Yes, there are synthetic hair transplants that some opt for but here at Hair Transplant Malaysia, we perform only 100% natural hair transplants using your own follicles from your donor area via our very own SMART™️ FUE Hair Transplant. As for those with weak or no donor area, we perform our very own SMART™️ FUT Hair Transplant. The end results of hair growth would be from your own follicles hence your own hair. There are no foreign elements involved. We reiterate that our Hair Transplants are 100% natural and all major parts of the Hair Transplant Surgery is performed by Dato’ Dr.JasG and Dr.Mohd Ali.

Many fear that Hair Transplant Surgeries involve much pain. Truth be told, the pain is well managed by Local Anesthesia. This is a minimally invasive surgery and not a major operation. Follicles are extracted from the donor area which is usually behind your head and then planted into the areas of hair loss. Yes, there will be some bleeding as in any case of skin abrasion but will not involve any discomfort or pain. The doctor will perform all major parts of the surgery and you will be place on an up right seated position. You’ll be awake and alert and in conversation with the doctor. Here at Hair Transplant Malaysia, we have only the most superior Hair Doctors, Dato’ Dr.JasG and Dr.Mohd Ali work very closely and are internationally reputable with over 20 years in practice.

Here at Hair Transplant Malaysia we have our very own SMART™️ FUT and SMART™️ FUE Hair Transplants which are legally patented and only available atHair Transplant Malaysia. It was derived from over 20 years of research and practice on the science of Hair Transplant Surgeries by Dato’ Dr.JasG and Dr.Mohd Ali.

Dato’ Dr.JasG is Malaysia’s first and only Fellow in Hair Transplant Surgery from The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) which carries the abbreviation of FISHRS. This Fellowship is obtained through highly stringent regulations of superior credentials and rich experience. It also reflects the highest standing in the Science of Hair Transplant Procedures. Dato’ Dr.JasG has been focussed on the Science, Research and Practice of Hair Transplant Procedures for more than 20 years where he first started in the old days of an FUT Hair Transplant. The FUT is still very much practiced in cases of severe balding whilst an FUE is performed for those who have a healthy donor area. Dato’ Dr.JasG works very closely with one of Malaysia’s top leading Plastic and Craniofacial Surgeons, Dr.Mohd Ali. Both doctors perform all Hair Transplant Surgeries

The Masters of Hair Transplants & Hair Regrowth Treatments™️ are at Hair Transplant Malaysia based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The choice of having an FUE or FUT done is mainly based on the quality of your donor area. An FUE is highly common today and in these cases, the recipient’s donor area is healthy. Take note that an healthy donor area can be used for many sessions of Hair Transplant procedures in cases where the patient desires to have a second or third hair transplant procedure.

The FUT on the other hand is mainly for those who have a very weak donor area where a strip from behind the head is surgically removed for a healthy collection of follicles. Which is very different in an FUE where follicles are directly removed and replanted to the areas of hair loss. In other words, the options available are based on the recipient’s state of scalp. Yes, an FUT may leave scars but it’s well covered by new hair growth. An FUE leaves so scars.

Some may have been born with a wider forehead and some maybe be losing hair from the front. Whatever the reasons or family genes may be, here at Hair Transplant Malaysia, we will resolve this issue permanently for you! This procedure is done by  ABHRS Hair Transplant Doctor from The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery ( ABHRS ), Dato’ Dr.JasG.

We are Malaysia’s One-Stop Hair Transplant and Hair Regrowth Specialist Centre with over 20 years of experience under ABHRS Hair Transplant Diplomate!

Here at Hair Transplant Malaysia we successfully settle all your Hair Loss issues and we follow-up closely for a year to ensure your successful results!

At Hair Transplant Malaysia, we perform the best FUE & FUT Hair Transplants! Hair Loss and Balding is common and can be fixed immediately, successfully & permanently by Dato’ Dr.JasG and Dr.Mohd Ali

Would the results of my hair transplant remain permanent?

Absolutely, yes! You will be required to follow the protocols after the procedure such as close follow-ups and medication.

Would there be pain involved during the hair transplant procedure?

Our highly experienced doctor will manage any possible pain. You will be seated up right and alert with no discomfort whatsoever.

✅ Malaysia’s First Diplomate in Hair Transplant Surgery from The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS)!

✅ Masters of Hair transplant!

✅ Guaranteed Results!

✅ Minimal Pain!

✅ Quicker Recovery!

✅ Close Follow-ups!

What makes Hair Transplant Malaysia the best choice for having my hair transplant done?

At Hair Transplant Malaysia, we hold more than 20 years of experience in Hair Transplant Surgery. Dr.Mohd Ali is one of Malaysia’s Top Plastic Surgeons and Malaysia’s ONLY Craniofacial Surgeon till this date. Dato’ Dr.JasG is Malaysia’s 1st Pioneer ABHRS Hair Transplant Diplomate from The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) which is the highest governing board in the world for Hair Transplant Doctors.

Will there be healty density of the transplanted hair?

When it comes to creating recipient sites, it is essential to match the size of the location as close as possible, both to the size of grafts and to the depth of the grafts, only a custom made incision tool can satisfy such accuracy and precision. Best Density and Volume will be succesfully achieved.

Will the hair transplant procedure be customized to my needs?

Always be fully aware that Hair Transplants are highly natural and taken from the donor area which is usually behind the head. Not only will the site be created by these custom blades, it fits your grafts perfectly, it also means that more incisions can be made in a given area without unnecessary damage or injury, enabling a higher density. In short, the final result is a denser hair growth to be proud of!

Will my Hair Transplant results look Natural?

Which direction is your hair pointing towards? Forward, to the left, or is there a slight change of direction on the right? The designed will be based on the suitability of the customer and donor area. This will be discussed during the consultation between the doctor and you! Here we preserve the donor area for future Hair Transplant procedures where some customers desire in having the 2nd and 3rd Hair Transplant Procedures hence we are against over-harvesting of the donor area.

Will one hair transplant be sufficient?

Yes, for full coverage, one hair transplant procedure is sufficient but again it depends on customers desires where they may go for a 2nd or 3rd Hair Transplant procedure.

Will I be given close follow-ups after the Hair Transplant?

Here at Hair Transplant Malaysia we journey with you from Pre Procedure until Post Procedure including very close follow-ups because we believe that aftercare plays a major role in obtaining the best results.

Are Hair Transplant results safe and permanent?

Absolutely Yes on both counts! Hair Transplants are very safe, tested and proven and highly safe.

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