Are Hair Transplant Surgeries Painful?

One must be fully aware that an FUE Hair Transplant Surgery is minimally invasive and does not entail a full-fledged operation. However, it is a surgery nevertheless and performed under Local Anaesthesia. An FUT Hair Transplant Surgery on the other hand is more invasive as it removes grafts through a strip method and does leave a linear scar and takes a longer time to heal in comparison to an FUE Hair Transplant Surgery. If the fear of pain crosses your mind, be rest assured that the administration of local anaesthesia to the surgical region would successfully manage pain. A highly credentialled and richly experience Hair Physician would ensure that the entire Hair Transplant Procedure is carried on very smoothly whereby the patient is kept very comfortable and alert during the entire procedure. The same goes for all Hair Transplant Surgeries which are either an FUE or an FUT or at times a combination of an FUE and an FUT. This is across the board for all hair transplant surgeries for scalp, eyebrows, moustache, side burns, goatee and beards including Chest Hair. Pain should never be an issue if your doctor is highly credentialled and richly experience hence pain shouldn’t be a reason why one avoids a hair transplant surgery. The advancement of medical sciences today delivers hair transplant results that are successful, providing that the doctor journeys closely with you.

What would be the downtime after the surgery?

In terms of recovery of the region, it would take 7 to 10 days. However, your daily routine will not be affected.

How long would results take to show?

Results will begin to show after the 4th month. 80% of the results would show after 9 months and 100% results would show on the 12th or 14th month.

SMART™ FUE & SMART™ FUT Hair Transplant Surgeries

SMART™️ is our legally patented trademark which belongs solely to Glojas Hair Transplant Centre. SMART™️ is a combination of formulas and techniques derived from over 20 years of full-time research and practice in Hair Transplant Procedures. SMART™️ is our assurance of quality and successful results. Patients would not be completed knocked off during the hair transplant procedure, they would be at ease in upright sitting positing and in conversation with the doctor.

Our Commitment & Journey with You

We take up this commitment and journey with you from Pre-Procedure to the Procedure, Post Procedure and until full results are achieved. We ensure satisfactory results!


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